Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buff Jesus, or Why I'm Probably Not Qualified to Teach Sunday School

I teach Sunday school for a small group of junior high students every week; when I say "teach," I really mean "experience." Because that's what happens: We experience Sunday school together, and often I'm the one that learns.

A few months ago we attended a family night at a sister church. My friend Zach, who is the Youth Director there, involved the kids in a lesson/discussion and games. On the way back, they told me a bit about it; mostly, they talked about how my son was inappropriate for suggesting that they tie one girl's guinea pig to a small cross so they could act out a Passion play. His defense was, "Well, we were talking about Jesus, and she kept bringing up the guinea pig. And also, I never said we'd actually crucify it."

Fast forward to Sunday school a week or two later; we're beginning to talk about Revelation, and I overhear the term "buff Jesus."

This is one of those moments where I, as the Sunday school teacher, have simultaneous and conflicting thoughts. I think both, "That is awesome," and "That's possibly inappropriate?" But I was leaning pretty heavily toward "awesome," so I asked about buff Jesus. One of the kids said, "You know, buff Jesus on the horse, with the tattoos, and a sword coming out of his mouth."

Apparently during the family fun night, Zach alluded to Jesus in a warrior capacity. He must have mentioned the sword, because that keeps coming up in Sunday school; I messaged him the story and he responded with "I'm pretty sure I didn't use the words 'buff Jesus,' but that's awesome either way."

I was sort of concerned about the mentions of "buff Jesus" until we had a discussion on how we don't really know what Jesus looked like. One of the kids said, "Yeah, but he was definitely spiritually buff."

And this is why I love these kids. Because no matter how silly or complicated things get, they inevitably find the truth in the matter. 

Take away: What matters is that Jesus was the most spiritually buff dude that ever lived.

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  1. Yes, indeed. Jesus had the spiritual buffness and his disciples, being fishermen, had the physical buffness. Christianity has something for everyone.