Saturday, May 11, 2013

Commentary While Introducing Buffy to my Family

Post warning: This post is heavy on the Buffy the Vampire Slayer references. Feel free to skip it if you aren't a fan. Other posts will resume shortly. Or on Monday. Maybe.

My sister let us borrow her entire collection of Buffy the Vampire Slayer DVDs, so we've been watching them the past few weeks. Chris and Tucker had never seen the show, so it's been fun introducing them to the characters. Even more fun is hearing their commentary.

Much of the first season, most of Chris's commentary revolved around two themes:
  • This makeup/plot line/villain is a bit cheesy or cartoony.
  • They really need to kill off Cordelia.
Tucker was a bit more forgiving regarding the cheese-factor, although he said things like, "This is probably going to be like Merlin or Doctor Who. They'll get more money and the monsters will be better."

Of course, season two proves Tucker right, because can you get a better monster than Angelus? And even Cordelia is less "makes people want to get stabby" as time goes on. Chris also says that Xander is getting more likeable.

But my favorite commentary from Chris centers around Willow. Because so far, she's his favorite female character and is second only to Xander. Give him bombshell cheerleader, sexy slayer, and awkward dork, and who does he enjoy the most? You guys, I love this man.

Here's a smattering of Willow-related commentary from my husband after one and a half seasons of Buffy:
  • Willow is asleep on a computer keyboard when Giles wakes her and she says something weird about tadpoles. Because she has frog issues. Chris says, "Oh, you do that! You're a lot like Willow." Once, I was already asleep when Chris came to bed. He was trying to arrange the blankets or something and I told him, "Stop talking and put back on your green pants!" Because apparently I have dreams about undressed leprechauns.
  • Willow is talking about talking to a boy and is worried that things will get awkward and silent. Chris says, "You probably worry about that, too, don't you?" I say, "Well, I'm not a sixteen year old girl who's trying to talk to boys." Chris stares at me. I admit, "Yes, sometimes."
  • Willow has an extremely awkward conversation with...anyone. This isn't really a one-time occurrence. Chris says, "That's just like you. That's how you talk to people, isn't it?" And I have to admit, sometimes it is.
I wonder...Does my husband like Willow the best because she reminds him of me? Or does my husband have a penchant for awkward, dorky girls on the shortish side, and that's why he likes me? Either way, it doesn't matter. I do wonder if he's going to keep making Willow comparisons once things get complicated for innocent little Willow...


  1. Ah, I used to love Buffy! It's been too long. I had to pop back over here because I'm overthetop excited that your son is named Tucker as well :)
    Happy Mother's Day!

  2. Now way: the most terrifying monsters in the entire Buffy series are "The Gentlemen." But they aren't in season 2, so I suppose you have a good point. For now...

    Joss Whedon made a point of giving Alyson Hannigan the most ridiculous tongue-twisty things to say over the course of the series, and it only gets worse and more hilarious as time goes on. I LOVE her: she and Anya are my favorites...just awesome characters.
    Hmm...I feel a marathon comin' on.