Saturday, March 1, 2014

In which we take a flute joke much too far.

Part of a conversation Tucker and I found widely entertaining as we ran our errands today.

T: She's into anime, so a lot of times, she acts like an anime character.

Me: Like you. Always walking around playing the flute.

T: What? How is that like anime?

Me: That's so like anime. There's probably an anime character that always plays the flute. Or a comic character. He has secret flute powers.

T: Flute Man?

Me: Super Fluter.

T: The Fantastic Flute.

Me: The Flutastic Four.

T: The Amazing Flute.

Me: The Incredible Flute.

T: Wonder Fluter.

Me: Fluterine.  Flutes come out of his fingertips.

T: His bones are made of flute.

Me: When he runs, it's like an entire symphony.

T: Fluneto can control him.

Me: Fluteman and the Masters of the Symphony.

T: Fluter Parker.

Me: No, Peter Fluter. As in, Peter Fluter picked a peck of pickled flutes, but he couldn't play them.

T: Because they were pickled!  Commander Flutey and the SHEILD Flutercrafter. Imagine the eye patch!

Me: Does he wear a flute over his eye?

T: Yessssss!  Also, Agent Fluteson.

Me: Killed by a Flutesgardian.

T: Darth Fluter.

Me: Lex Flutor.

T: Fluter the Hut.

Me: Darth Flutious

T: Anikan Flutewalker

Me: R-Flute-D-Flute

T: Flutebaca

Me: Flute Solo.

T: Flute SOLO.

Me: We should maybe end it there.

(But we didn't.)

UPDATE: Tucker notes that I forgot to include Doc Flutipus and the Flutiller.


  1. Fluterman? Fluterine? I have a problem taking this too far too. Its a sign of genius I'm sure.

    1. We continued it a few days later in the car with things like Flutimus Prime and Megaflute. My husband was not impressed.

  2. The anime character I immediately thought of was Amiboshi from Fushigi Yuugi. Playing the flute is actually his special power from Seiryuu. HEYO!

    1. Hah! So I was right about the flute/anime connection. Thanks :)