Friday, July 10, 2015

Twitter: Suggesting sleep solutions for babies everywhere, but without images

I was making this post on Twitter:
When I attempted the hashtag "babies", Twitter was all, "We think you might mean #babiesinthecup." And I was like, "No, no. I really just meant #babies." Plus, "inthecup" puts me over the character limit.  Learn to count and follow your own rules, Twitter.

But, I was curious. What's going on with babies and cups that has Twitter randomly suggesting it?

I searched Twitter for #babiesinthecup, and Twitter -- oh, helpful Twitter -- was all, "how about photos of babiesinthecup?" Obviously: Yes, please. Show me all the babies in cups!

You know what Twitter shows you when you ask for babies in the cup?

Not babies in cups. Two babies in hats, though. Hats are just cups for heads, right? You might mistake hats for cups if you are in the habit of drinking brain juices . . . Which raises some pretty frightening questions about Twitter in general.

But then I realized what was really going on. Twitter was suggesting that perhaps babies who don't like cribs might enjoy sleeping in cups instead. But not just any cup: THE cup. Too bad Twitter isn't letting on which cup that is.

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