Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Creativity Calls to Creativity: Secondborn's "Carrie" Video

Creativity calls to creativity. When someone -- or some people - you know manage to pull off a lovely, glorious creative feat, you're at once filled with dramatic excitement and a tiny tinge of jealousy. You know how good it feels to create something, and, if you're a creative worth anything, you're genuinely happy for whoever pulled it off.

And you admire them, because you know how much work and time and thought and heart -- and sometimes heartbreak -- was involved.

And you're just a little jealous, too, because no creative ever saw a thing created and didn't want to create something themselves. At least, not this creative. It's not the green-eyed monster sort of jealousy. It's the wide-eyed, appreciative jealousy that says "you have done this awesome thing, and I enjoyed it so much, and it makes me want to do my own awesome thing." Not create the same thing, but something different.

For me, the highest praise I can give any creative endeavor is that it spurs me on to create something myself. I read wonderful books, and I want to write -- not write like the person I just read, but write my own words. I hear catchy tunes, and I want to write stories and poems. I watch movies, and I want to write books. I see artwork, and I want to write sentences that catch in the memory and haunt the soul.

I saw the video for Secondborn's upcoming release, "Carrie," and I wanted to write.

I got an early look at the video because my brother-in-law Lee is the band's drummer and my sister is the manager, and I cannot wait to be able to link to it here. First, because it is awesome and fun and features a timeless, catchy song. Second, because it will make you want to go out and be awesome at whatever thing you do.

The video and song officially release on June 3. In the meantime, you can wet your creative whistle with this trailer.

Updated with link to "Carrie." 
Go now, and watch it!