In addition to ghostwriting and freelance copy writing, I've had the pleasure of working with several publishers who were willing to print my stories, poetry or articles. I've written Sunday School curriculum for Augsburg Fortress, blog posts for Karis Magazine, articles and plays for Standard Publishing, and poetry for several small-press zines.

In 2016, I'm hoping to turn more from nonfiction and paid copywriting to fiction, and I'm working on my first novel too.

Some of my work is also available online for free reading, and I've linked to it below. I hope you enjoy it.

Spiral (short story)
Nadia woke in the time spiral.

"Time is only a line, a curve, a wave of the hand, and its course is moved," said the man with the silver finger. But that was years ago, eons ago, minutes ago. She no longer knew.
Read the rest at Daily Science Fiction

Are You a Social Chameleon?
Article in the June 23, 2013 of Encounter magazine.

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